FarmVille: Tropic Escape App Reviews

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So many glitches lately. It’s annoying. Please fix.


Great game.

Good one the best game

From Melissa

Left out of events

Downloaded game and was immediately addicted. The game is as busy as you want it to be, and you can play for hours without running out of things to do. Unfortunately, I keep getting notices that I have to download newest version in order to play current event, but I already have the most current update and no event. Missions repeat or are for levels I haven’t achieved yet. Really would like the game without the glitches. Forum doesnt help, either.

I can’t conect with my iPad

The “we have improved “ it’s a nuisance I can’t up date it and can’t do anything you said, will work . I have spent real money in this game for nothing when will you do something ? I have. Been In first place in the tournaments several times and I’m getting tired of this problem. I play several hours a day. Please do something

Getting upset now..

I’m getting tired of being ripped off. I plant, harvest and when needed, use sunshine and occasionally diamonds to fill orders...and to no surprise I often have none of the products I just worked hard to get. Thought it was a glitch but this is ridiculous. Just more people trying to rip others off to pas their own wallets! Thanks! Merry Xmas to you as well


I am in active in my group but have not bee able to send sunshine or receive gifts from them. I have access to my facebook friends that play but not in my beach group. Ive liked their islands and still nothing. Ive checked all my settings please help.

Missing Update Items

Not real sure what their problem is, but the last few updates are not reaching all users. When I had android and that happened all I ever heard was”get IOS “ so I assumed it was programming problems. Switched to IOS months ago (no, not because of this stupid game) but now I hear it’s my phone again. They love blaming the players equipment for their lack of intelligence on knowing how to create programs. If you like playing solo, it’s a good time waster if you don’t take the game seriously. If you are wanting to compete in tournaments, make the latest items in workshops, participate in cruise ships, etc...good luck!!! I have an iPhone, tablet and old android connected to this game and none of them have any of the new perks that I’ve seen other players have. Zynga needs to stop trying new things all the time and fix everything that isn’t working so far. Gets old ...

FarmVille Tropic Escape

The worst game developers! Ever since they added the cruise ship, I continue to lose my tournament board, stars cover my screen when completing machine items, I have to visit a buddy in order to see my order board and to access my helicopter. I have notified Zynga support on numerous occasions and sent pictures and all I get from them is...”Help is on the way! “we are reviewing your account”.... ok so what year will you fix it. This game is supposed to be fun and stress free! Not so. And to top it off, I’ve only started experiencing these problems since they started the cruise ship and guess what?! I still don’t have my cruise ship in to help my club members!! And again no response other than a repeated email of help is on the way! Pfffttt

IPhone X

I like that the game uses the whole screen but the buttons and icons in the left overlap the notch. Should move them right slightly.

The updates make it impossible to play

The game itself is fun and engaging. Unfortunately, every time they update the game it becomes impossible to play as it freezes on the update screen. This can last for a few minutes or a few days. During that time game play goes on as normal for everyone who can play so you end up falling behind on challenges or other events. When checking the forums or on Facebook it’s clear that this is an ongoing issue for multiple players. Little to no support is offered by the development team when issues arise. Unless you are willing to deal with multiple frustrations you should look elsewhere for a way to pass time.

I’m addicted

I’ve been loving this game. So much to do. Been fun. The updates are disappointing as it blocks me from game telling me to update but I already have. I go back and forth between updates and game -turning off device and eventually get in. Tried at least 5 times this am. Aaaarrrgghhhh!!!

Fun good concept but a few glitches

I like playing the game but I seem to be missing events. The Christmas event and the cruise ship options are not working for me. I can’t find any solutions in the forums for these problems. I don’t think I am the only customer having this problem.

I really love this game but has some bugs have to fix.

I gave it a three because I still have problems with the game. Every time there is tournament it freezes up for a second or two then it is alright for awhile. I do not play anymore to frustrating to play. I think this game for younger generation, I can’t deal with the tournments, to me it ruins the whole game. If you are in last three they demont you which isn’t fair and when you get at diamond level which is highest you can go you still forced to play in the tournment otherwise you will be demonted. This game isn’t fair and they got cheaters in tournment and I told them about it but they seemed like they don’t care they let them get away with it. It got. Kicked out top three four times I should be in diamond but all I got was ruby. I decided to quick because no way of finishing this game takes too long finishing this game. I have played it for five months and only on level 34. There are 80 levels all together. I like the game but it takes to long to finish the game and they force you to play the tournments is should be our choice if we want to play in it. But it isn’t they automically put you in it without your permission. I don’t like the tournments at all it ruins the whole game and it encourages gambling in my opinion. They refuse to take it out so I don’t play it and I don’t miss it at all I m more realized and get more sleep. The game totally froze up during tournment and I couldn’t do anything so I just decided delete the game from my phone and told the company about it. They didn’t care I never heard from them all they care about money. Buy coins and jems that’s all they care about, they can find someone else get money from I am done with this game. I started hating this game and I started getting really bored with it do same thing over and over again. I think more people will quick this game like me , get tired of the freezing up and never worked to well all company says be patient we are working on the problem. I have waited five months for them fix the problem. My patience is done!!!!! If they can’t fix the problem shut down whole game and figure out what the problem is. I like the game but too my problems with the game, once they get rid of tournaments will be better game but they don’t believe me. I will never play this game again until this hey fix all the issues I have experienced. I play gamehouse games they never have these problems and no tourments they have which is good for me I love there games and I alaways finishes the game in month or two I never go on and on like FarmVille does, I don’t think anyone finished farmville game takes too long to finish.

Hate game

I hate the game so much you want even let me play

Great game but some flaws

When I have something cooking, it will disappear or when I have something saved for the helicopter, it will disappear. A few mishaps but still fun & entertaining. Nothings perfect. Now it is asking to Update but it won’t let me???


Every time you guys do an upgrade there is an issue with everyone in my club on getting into the game after the upgrade and they’ve done everything possible that you have recommended this has got to stop and you need to fix this program

Happy Again

I’m so addicted to this game and have been for a long time. I did get it a poor review because of being frozen and the glitches. But they got it fixed and everything is good again. Thanks.


It is fun ?????????????????

Buddy list

You need to get rid or the buddy list because it gives you a limit and that’s not fair for anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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