FarmVille: Tropic Escape App Reviews

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Loved the game in the beginning

Truly enjoyed this game. After updating I log on and some stuff I made isn’t on there after waking up. And knowing 100% I had the ingredients and started them. Getting annoying. Noticed for days. Yes deleted app and downloaded. It’s saved in Facebook and Game Center.

Paradise Farming... Not a bad idea.

I think I should give a more legitimate review after that mixup I had earlier. Once again, I apologize. Anyways, this is a nice little spinoff of FarmVille 2 with a fresh coat of paint and a new exotic experience. I liked the new crops and buildings that aren’t available in the other game; they really separate the two games apart. Keep up the good work with this game. ~ Kind Regards, Mason Strange.

Love it.

Best ever

Farmville tropic escape

Very fun game but so many glitches. With that being said I can deal with glitches but I cannot deal with cheating. You must be able to observe the players we report to you as cheaters. Why are they still playing. Your rules clearly state cheating is grounds for removal. Please follow through.

Tropic Escape

Cool game! Very interesting!

Don’t buy gems or anything

They will not give them when the transaction screws up they make it like jumping through hops to fix their end ??garbage company not a way to treat your players that are actually spending their money lol


nice game

Feeling cheated

This is a great game to kill time although I’ve noticed when playing and completely adding ingredients together to make something and supplies to create instead of waiting i leave the app for a while and when i finally return to claim the completed item it doesn’t reflect on the item count to complete my “request” for instance i feel like I’ve made over 5 lava cakes and more items and the item does not reflect against my “request” board. As it is it takes forever for the cocoa tree to grow and finish but this isn’t the first time I’ve noticed it happening. Also when loading for the valentine invites no one loads to send or request... feeing cheated!!

Great game but...

The cheating in the game is really getting out of control. It makes tournaments impossible to win. The developers should really try to focus on this. For me it’s taking the fun out of the game.

Madona seductora


Lost progress and now lost interest! Too many bugs!

I was very dedicated to this game, played it way too much. I would play it off and on throughout the day, it was a fun distraction. I even made in app purchases. Then after playing for several hours, making progress on the different challenges, etc... all of a sudden 12-24 hours of progress was lost. I lost points, coins, items. I am so frustrated that deleted the app and want a refund on my purchases. What a waste of time!!!


I initially loved this game in spite of glitches such as chat does not load for 40 minutes, loading game issues etc., however when I spend my money for tournament boosts and mermaid assist to compete only to find myself, at level 28, that I am forced to compete against one level 36, and all the rest level 50 plus, who have a great many more craft buildings than I, disenchanted with the total UNFAIRNESS of this game !! I am done spending money on this unbalanced , unfair game until fairness is established!

Could be so much more fun...

If you dont want to make any in-app purchases, dont bother with this game. And even with in-app purchases it takes forever to get to the next level and becomes boring. There are little things within the game that can be done to win sand dollars. The sand dollars are given in for certain achievements, but the amount given are far less than what you end up having to spend to get the pictures you need to win the achievement. Great concept but gets boring and frustrating.

Easier way to expand

I’m still playing the game but there are improvements that can be made. The prize wheel is stupid. Watch a video and get rice???? Really I have Never hit the jackpot since you changed it.Also since you changed the wheel how are you supposed to go to the mermaid for help, or the habitats we should have more options spend 500 coins and more often than not here comes the turtle, ant eater and maca not spelled right uggggggh!!!!!! And the trees!! Don’t get me started!!! 600 gems for a new tree?!! Ridiculous!!! Events no permanent helpers ?Fox this to make this game more fun

Latest update

The latest update is awful. I havent been able to play in weeks as the load screen just freezes at 100% loading.

Game is fixed

-Can’t help players if the “visit” feature doesn’t work -Requires too many silver sand dollars in order to complete wildlife missions -Game works in your favor up to a certain level or by spending real money -Player’s language should be indicated on their profile/stats otherwise you can’t communicate. -Introduction of new challenges/holiday events yet the petroglyph falls and the monkey temple were never implemented. -Event/Holliday challenges should not use player’s storage (silo/boathouse)

I used to enjoy this game

Updates are a pain in the rear-end!! They are forced so you cannot continue to play the game unless you update. The updates don’t work when you push the button. When that doesn’t work (please notice that I said “when” not “if”) there is a button for when you are having trouble. Unfortunately what is suggested does NOT help. If you are going to use money in this game, don’t do it, your money will be wasted.

It’s ok

Updates are not updating properly.

Club- Fraidy Cats

I love this game. My club is the cats meow. Its best to find a club that interacts with each other and has daily players. You wont find a better club than mine.

Love it

I love the game but we need new islands to explore/expand on.

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