FarmVille: Tropic Escape Відгуки


Has anyone ever hit the jackpot on the wheel spin? I’ve been playing this game every day for about 2 months and have never hit the jackpot. Lol am i the only one? Love the game though.

Fun addictive community

Great game app very fun with minimal problems. The multiplayer built in supporting connectivity to facebook makes it even better. This app is perfect for any one looking to boost their following or if you struggle to find something to post about. There are many community groups just waiting to enjoy adding and extending a warm welcome.

Waste of Time

Can’t transfer game from one device to another. Made me start a whole new island.

Good game!

I really like this game. The fact that times events don’t start until you open the game is really nice. I wish there was a way to trade or sell things exclusively between party members as it’s hard to help out if they need supplies. Alternatively I wish there was a way to say you wanted a specific item and were willing to trade something else for it. Otherwise I feel like I’m waiting for the market to sell it and that takes forever


I love this game .... it’s good ...

Cruise fail

I help the minimal of three or more guests each cruise, however it never gives me credit🤬🤬🤬


Since this latest update it freezes. Keeps opening up to the same thing a reward and I can’t uninstall this update

Unbalanced Rules

How is one to compete in the weekly contests and keep up when the playing field is not level? Why are level 10 players competing against level 56. How is this a good experience? Games are supposed to be fun and relaxing, not adding stress. I think some developers need to get back to the basics instead of applying code to things that don’t make sense.

Loves It

I love this game but the last few days most of the items I made for my cruise don’t show up in my boathouse 😫😫😫 but the household loves it. We play everyday

Very good

You are very good at your game


I enjoy the game! :) I was obsessed ! I still am. Just taking a few weeks off. I play hard when playing. The Coconut Palms. ( Sibbi ).


I really like this game so fun

Entretenido y Dinámico

Me gusta mucho porque es creativo dinámico y colorido

Not happy

The game has been fun so far, saving coins to buy windmills and such, but I just got to the level where I can’t finish the small clipboard challenges because I REFUSE to pay $10,000 for a cocoa tree. Really? $10,000 for a tree. Will the lime or avacado trees be $20,000 to $50,000.? A couple of others I know are just as frustrated with that.

FarmVille tropical island

Love the game just wish the good stuff was so not expensive whether it is with coins, gems or sand dollar. If they brought down the price the game would be much better and less frustrating. Also, when it comes to doing the weekly resort making items in the factories it would be great if they did not charge you gems to get the 2,3, and 4 times the points.

♥️ Best Game!❤️

I love Farmville Tropical Escape so addict! Thank you!

Probably old p

B. 🌅

Great simple fun

Love the escape

I love this game

I have played this game for 4years and l love it. Waiting for the 2other areas to open. Hopefully soon. Let us know when. Thanx so much.

Bugs and issues

You have way to many issues and cheats that keep people from enjoying game why are people able to get scores in the millions they have to change time on there tablet and cheat plus get kicked off and other problems so very much

Fun But Lots Of Glitches

Fun game but there are always things that don’t work right. They need to add more content because it gets boring after u play for awhile. Lots of cheaters on the game.

It’s Time To EXPAND

Hello? anybody home? It’s time to expand the game and add more places to search, it’s time to add more levels. I’m at level 80 how much longer? Before I can level up? Thanks


Pretty good game so far. Just started it yesterday. I am a year long Paradise Bay player, and this game has similar game play. I like the added side things. It keeps me pretty busy. I love that I can chat with my friends on the game. We can give each other help in finding out how to play (like "Where do I get this?!"). It has quick progression so that I don't have to wait, much, for things. That's important. The longer I have to wait, the better chance there is that I'll go do something else for a while. Hope the devs keep up with what they have started 9/13/18–I have been playing for about 2 years now. It’s a good game. I like it as there is a chat in game. Great! Our group has become a family. Fun to get to know other gamers and become friends. Lately there have been some problems in the game. Hopefully the devs will get them fixed soon. I like the events and the cruises. Keeps me busy. One of two games I play all day long!

I love this game

I just got this game and I’m in love with it it had no glitches (so far)and it’s very interesting


Awesome game to play

Love it with exceptions.

Love playing. Mind relaxing for me after work. Just wish there were options to not play the Island tournaments without losing your status. Sometimes due to working hours, I can’t start it until the second day and I end up way behind. Wish they could give option to cut mermaid time in half. Other than that the game is fun.

Horrible Game Design!

I was quite addicted to this game when I first downloaded it this passed January. I downloaded it on a whim because I thought the sea turtle on the island was adorable. Imagine my shock and dismay to have to wait to a much later level in the game to get to unlock this cute wee turtle only to be denied once again by having to wait two weeks or pay a ridiculous amount of game gems(300) to unlock it earlier! -_- You think this would have detoured me from continuing to play, but no, I continued. In March they released an update and advertised a new feature called Zemi Daily Gifts! Zemi gives the player wonderful gifts for just logging in to the game daily. Doesn’t this sound like a wonderful perk? Well, hold you hats ladies and gents, they DIDNOT give this feature to every player! Surely you jest you say...I jest NOT! Six months later, they are still not giving players this feature! SIX MONTHS! They claim it is on a slow roll out and that they want it to be perfect when it gets to everyone...well...don’t you all think SIX MONTHS and several updates later they should have it done? Horrible horrible game design!!!

This is the best app

This is the best app to get because it has fun stuff to do

Someone help. I have 4 visitors from my ship and I’m not getting any credit. What am I doing wrong?


Awesome game

Awesome game




App crashes, freezes & losses data during events and a peak times.

Game play

Too many bugs and glitches with certain things in the game for my rating to be higher.


Where are my coins

Good, but glitchy.

Good game, but often too many glitches after updates.

Purging inactives

At some point inactive players need to be auto removed from friends lists and guilds


I like to play this game. I don’t play every day.

Fun, fun, fun game!

This is a fun game to play ! 👍🏼𗀔

Great great greatest

Pleasure you are so beautiful



Love the game it’s very fun and relaxing

Not happy!

I bought a lot of cruise items before the update and now they are all gone from my boathouse since I updated the game, even the ones I had already crafted myself! Very frustrating! I gave it 3 stars also because game lags a lot and is glitchy as well but we will see if it gets any better since the update.

Glitches in the cruise

There are too many glitches with the cruise. Today, you took away all my dresses, cakes and drinks associated with the cruise before the game was over. I used gems to make some of them which I paid for. Until you get it fixed, I won’t buy anymore gems. Other people in my club are complaining also. I enjoy playing the game when it’s working properly.

Don’t play

I have been playing this game for a year!!!! I have been saving up for a Cruise just got on to play and you took over 200 items out of my inventory. So all the time and patience that I put in was taken away for no apparent reason. So due to this now my team will not win the cruise!!!!! Not to mention some of my Gem’s have also been taken away that I paid for. I gave you 5 stars before now you get 0!!!! Good day

2nd review

Game forces you to update causes loss of game progress. August update during block buster (movie) challenge caused me to loose 6 crates waiting to be opened. After installing new update, the crates were gone. Seven crates that followed, all produced random items unrelated to the challenge. Now four hours left in the challenge but I continue getting unrelated items which occupy storage space and am behind on the challenge. Can’t help players if the “visit” feature doesn’t work. -Requires too many silver sand dollars in order to complete wildlife missions -Game works in your favor up to a certain level or by spending real money -Player’s language should be indicated on their profile/stats otherwise you can’t communicate. -Introduction of new challenges/holiday events yet the petroglyph falls and the monkey temple were never implemented. -Event/Holliday challenges should not use player’s storage (silo/boathouse)

Tropic Escape.

Fun. Keeps you busy!

Best game ever

This game has so many different challenges to do. If you don’t want to do them all, pick what you like, no problem. Up for a challenge then do them all and your time will fly by. This game is relaxing and I joined the best beach club.

Cool game

Love the game but it does have many glitches. I lose so many crops then other times it works perfectly .

Update causes game to freeze

Updated the app. When I went to the cruise ship section the whole thing froze and I am stuck with nothing but a toucan flying around my screen. Help!

Still Great Game

I have played this game on and off since it’s release! I love the community with the beach clubs and working with them on the cruise ships is fun. Yes there are some glitches with the community systems, but no game is perfect and the glitching is tolerable! I hope the updates keep coming and thanks for a great game!

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