FarmVille: Tropic Escape Відгуки

An Awesome Sauce Game

I was skeptical about this game before downloading it. However after playing it, I loved it. I would stay on the game for hours and would be furious when my device went dead. This app deserves six stars instead of five. Oh, and here’s some advice stop forcing us to update it. That could cost us precious time on our game. Also, for anyone who who was unable to update their app. Just wait for a while. Afterwards, you will be able to update it.

Only a “like”

I do like playing this game but, there are flaws. One is when using sunshine on crops, the crops are not available for use. Another is that some of the items for Silo, Boathouse and, land expansion upgrades are very hard to accumulate. I understand that it’s important to keep people playing a striving to have a great big island but, some items are very hard to get!

Good game.

Nice job on it.. nothing in mind for you to change. I have not seen any glitches. It’s fun to play and it’s fun to watch the animals do their thing. YAY C:

Can’t stop playing

I like this game because I can build things and I like building things. I also like the game because you can help people and people can help you

Keep up the good work!

So when I got on the game I was Treated like a starter. I got a good tutorial with a good running start in the game. Then a little later in the game I was making lots of money. So I also liked that this game keeps you very busy. Plus you don’t have to be busy you can stop for awhile. I like how the game auto saves and even when your not playing crops grow and meals cook. Also I love that you can sell your items to get game money. This is a great game for people who like to kill time and have fun while killing time. Keep up the good work!

It’s pretty fun but.....

I really enjoyed this game but the further I get into it the more irritating it gets. Boosts I earn don’t always show up in the boost bank and sometimes when I use them I click on them and they just disappear and never activate. Also compasses are very hard to come by often which makes it extremely difficult to expand. Also the monetary value spent of the things is a little much. I feel like you idle play a lot just to wait on collecting an insane amount of coins or shells. Also when earning diamonds when you click on the house to see when you earn them again they do not count accurately. I’ve sold numerous items on the boat and yet the count doesn’t go up towards the next goal. I’m at level 26 and while I want to keep playing I find myself getting annoyed easier. Hoping the read my review and others and fix these glitches.

Good game

Have had fun playing. The only real problem I have is that when I visit another player, I can’t leave and have to close the game out to get back home. Addictive.


Why the game keeps asking me to update? I keep updating and keep going back to the same message.

Very good

This game is super fun, however I wish there was a store that only your beach club could access, it would be super helpful for trading items


The upgrade is not working my app is stuck it says upgrade now but when I click on it move to upgrade but does not

What happened to the time?!!

Plant, Grow, sell, unlock to bigger and better things, but it comes with longer times and waiting and waiting... more money for more things but all the animations are just fun and entertaining! I love all the extra activities within the game, it keeps you entertained and you get stuck playing it for hours on end!! It’s a great way to by pass time🤪


It’s fun to play with my kids and have a beach club together

Love the game but.....

My issue is with the boathouse and silo storage. In order to keep up with all of the tasks you need to keep expanding your storage in both the silo and boathouse. Going broke here! And each level takes longer and requires more purchasing of coins and gems. At this rate won’t be playing much longer.

Fun but...

It’s a nice pleasant game, but there are too many tasks at once so it becomes overwhelming. Also, it takes too long to expand and progress so it becomes boring quick. You can’t visit a friend’s island and go back to yours without existing the whole game? I don’t get how that’s not possible? Little things ruin it. It could be great, but it’s not...yet, at least.


Soooooo amazing game i loooove it

I enjoy this game because ...

This game has helped me with Anxitey and takes my mind of things. The software is amazing!!!! 10/10 if I could

New updates a failure

My very favorite game, but since new update I have not been receiving any of my rewards and have been cheated of at least 3 bottles of rewards for accomplishments. So pretty disappointed.

The game has lost its allure!!

It used to be a fun game but it has become frustrating & very demanding. It has gotten harder to get what you need to complete quests & Wildlife photo missions. Weekly resort tournaments are truly unfair, we work too hard to achieve our goals, then you have nerve to demote us!! Then we get cheated out of the blue gems by trading in our telescope for a spinning wheel!! The helicopter requires too many items which depletes your stock, especially when you’re trying to keep up with the daily quests, guest orders, & the cruise ship. Rewards from the landmarks are redundant & sometimes useless. If it wasn’t for my club members, buddies, & the mermaid, I wouldn’t be able to complete the majority of the quests. My club members are dropping like flies & not playing as often :-( I really want to stop playing but I’m the club leader & I cannot abandon my club members. Give us a break Zynga...... FIX IT!!!

Fun and Glitchy

Fun game and helps kill the me It freezes up often and glitches but comes right back.


I played the game for over two years I saved my progress and reloaded the game because it just would not open on my iPhone anymore I tried for weeks and weeks with no success finally redownloaded the game again played the game for months again making great progress even thou I was so angry I had to start from the beginning again now it’s doing it again I can not open the game what is wrong I really want to know

Can’t leave a friends island

The interface is off the screen whenever I visit another island. Have to close the game and reopen to go back to my island.


I started playing this game on my old iPad was up to level 32 Got a new iPad my game wouldn’t transfer/sync up to the new one. So I obviously started over. Was almost to level 23 today 1/13/2018. The screen popped up to save game to device or iCloud. I did that but the game went back to level 12. Why? Help? I did write to support no response yet. What is happening? I Really like this game but I’m so frustrated with this game at this point.


There is no glitches awesome way to kill time and it’s soooooo much fun!!! Awesome game! 😸😍

Wooden Road

Please add a way to place roads in the island

Hi dad

Hi dad, it’s Lucas and I love this game, and not just cause you use to work on it but because it’s awesome!!! Love you

Game moves to slow

Great game, except it takes way to long to to get enough coins to purchase the next factory items! Competing in the challenges to earn bronze ruby diamond status is very expensive. I paid for bundles of gems to work my way up the ladder only to be demoted over and over again when I didn’t buy gem packs to keep up with others scores! I’m not paying any more. Instead of playing daily it’s only on occasion now. Loosing interest. Frontier Vill was better.


I’ve been playing this for awhile and it’s been fun. But now you need sea shells to buy stuff. What’s up that, you don’t collect sea shells enough to do that. Starting to not like this game. The animal habitat mostly comes out with the turtle. Also don’t get to expand very fast.

Love this game

Game so much fun just wish it would play on my tablet really don’t like playing on my phone

Game wont load.

I’ve been playing this for a few months and I absolutely love it. BUT ever since I believe it was the last update, whenever I try opening the game it fully initialized but it keeps saying checking for new content and will never open the game itself. I have tried deleting and redownloading it and the issue still continues.

Poop is very cool

You are awesome And you smell like poop 😊

I enjoy playing this game.

However, I think orders that are difficult should be more valuable. It’s hard to supply demands when it’s so hard to earn, so that you can’t expand. Or obtain what you need to improve service.

Not Happy

I have in forum and on Facebook regarding me not being able to visit my neighbors. It is still not working. All that is needed is to change the margins. This happened after an update. I am not happy. When this is fixed, I can revisit my review.

Tropic escape junk game

They never fix anything and if they do try to fix it they mess something else up. Was a fun game but it’s not anymore. We have 18 in our group and we all complain to Zynga about the game and nothing happens. The latest is we go to help another island and then we cant leave without restarting the game, so don’t waste your time with this game. They dont care they just want your money.

Tropical Fun!

Really love this game! This is my second time playing with the first time leaving because I didn’t understand how to play.

Can't get ahold of customer support

Tried to send this msg earlier but said something went wrong. I had a daily streak of 287 and my power went out so I couldn't play. It started me over, can u put me back to where I was? If not i probably won't be playing anymore. Also, the tournament has gotten completely undoable! There is no way I can finish with enough points to advance bc the players that I get stuck with in my tournament are so far ahead.. the one at first place RN is at 400,00!!!! Really!?!? I can't compete with that!


Everyone should play this game!! It is a lot Iike the other FarmVille games but even better!!! Can't stop playing this!

Buyer beware!

Wickedly addicting game. I lost a whole day- stunned! To the developer tho- when visiting friends, the screen enlarges or zooms so much that the borders go off screen and controls (like returning home) are unavailable. Currently I have to close and restart the game to leave a friends island.

Hurry up and wait

Every station has multiple bins but each bin has to wait it's turn to "cook". The bins do NOT simultaneously process items, so it's hurry up and wait. Very discouraging and slows down enthusiasm, not an addicting game like other FarmVille a d country escape versions. Boo hiss.

Love it!!

I love this game! It’s a great way for me to pass time when my husband is out of town working. The only problem I’m having at the moment is it won’t let me log in to my Facebook account from my game. This isn’t the first time it’s happened. Usually I can get it to connect back but for some reason this time it’s not connecting back like it usually does.

Game issues

There have been so many game issues. Can't see chat. Can't connect to Facebook or Game Center. Game freezing. Game going slow. Users at astronomical levels selling items for millions of dollars etc. Very frustrating Zynga! Please fix!!

Cheaters popping up!

I’ve been seeing more and more resorts popping up saying their level 199 and they have every single thing unlocked and more and they are posting things for sale for millions. They have all zeros in everything but supposedly have ridiculous amounts of stuff. I mean, who cheats on these little games? How pathetic. These people need to be fished out. Scrolling through the sell page to get supplies I apparently selected items before on accident and just post them back for sale. So I did this by accident with one of these cheaters and it wiped out all of what I had!! I lost all my coins my diamonds and my chips for the animal pictures! I’m so upset. I’m still playing the game but these people need to be removed or something. Becomes very frustrating seeing them pop up everywhere.


Unfortunately the game continues to help from support department.


Fun game but you need to give more coins for items sold like FarmVille. You can not get ahead in this game at all because you do not give enough coins for the items you sell therefore how can you buy the trees, buildings, etc...?

One of my favorite games.

This is one of my favorite games since I started playing the game again but there are some glitches. All day I’ve been buy and selling stuff and there has been some things that are extremely over priced and I try to buy the item and it tells me to buy more coins to buy the object so I close and reopen the little store and then what I was trying to get is gone or still over priced so I have I wait until the store changed in 3 mins. I have a picture of what I’m talking about if you need proof of what I’m talking about.

Game is fun, love my group, but going downhill, lots of cheating

I am with a good group of people that play the game and they make it fun. Lately the game has become super glitchy and updates cause major problems for everyone. They run weekly tournaments, but there are so many cheaters on the game, it’s almost impossible to win. Zynga doesn’t do anything to combat cheating. Don’t spend any money with Zynga in their games if they are going to support your play. Just play and have fun for free.


Very fun, addictive game. My wife and I enjoy playing it for hours.

Love tropic concept

Love tropic concept you could spend hours and days playing


I am upset. Due to this update I am unable to get back into the game to play at all. There were charges for some game that were placed in error on our account. When we called customer service we were told to pay the bill even though we don’t owe it and then call back to get reimbursed. I am not able to do that so no more game for me. I really enjoyed the game.

Latest update breaks visits to other islands

Can get there, but the functions to fertilize and return home are missing.


I love this app

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