FarmVille: Tropic Escape Відгуки

This game gets very annoying

They make necessary items easy to get until you get to level 20. (My experience). It’s almost like someone shut off the switch for good items in the boat store. I feel like everything I’ve worked on was a waste of time. Deleting

Horrible support!

This app cant even take 2 seconds to reply on Twitter. Don't have an "APPLICATION ACCOUNT" on Twitter if you're not going to interact with players 🖕🏼

Why can’t I reset my progress?

I don’t understand! When I reinstalled the game, it seemed to start over, but it took me back to where I left off! Please fix this now! I want to start over, because I seemed to mess up.

Please consider

I am really enjoying this game. I have found a group of active club members and are planning boost events to help one another during tournament times. I would like to suggest allowing club members the use of a mailbox to trade with one another, or an auction table to sell to club members before allowing the items to go public. Right now we are putting auction items up but other people may purchase them before the intended person’s game refreshes.

Tropic Escape

I have been playing games for YEARS! Restaurant Story, Bakery Story, Fashion Story and many more. This is the only game I’ve found that is not so expensive and is addictive as well!

Need new goals

I finished buying everything. Nothing to play for

Love the game but I never win the jackpot on watching ads

It’s amazing how many times I’ve played the video ads and spun the wheel but I’ve NEVER hit the jackpot. Come on - it sure does look bad on the developer when the wheel is rigged. Other than that I have no issues whatsoever with this game. In fact it is currently my favorite game. But I’m not sure I will continue to play it for much longer if the spinning wheel/jackpot stuff doesn’t change soon. That’s just poor business practice. If you are gonna give carrots, give carrots. But don’t act like there is a jackpot possible but it never comes to fruition. Greed at its finest. I can’t continue to support your business/this game if that doesn’t change.


This was a pretty fun game to play at first. There were challenges and the tournaments were pretty fair and competitive. Then some developed cheats and now it is impossible to place in a tournament (which is how you advance to different levels). I’ve sent several complaints about it and I always get the same response about how they are working on it and they take it very seriously. I’m convinced that the characters that make it impossible to win, without spending an enormous amount of money, are the people who work for zynga. Don’t waist your time with even downloading this game. You’ll only regret it.


It’s awesome but I would rather plant a garden in real life.

Could be better

It’s an addicting game. The things I didn’t like is spinning for bonus points for watching app videos and the spinning wheel never lands on the big bonus points. Never! It feels as though its fixed to win as little as possible. I find It hard to win extra things or points.

I love it sooooooooooooooooo much

This game is 100% AMAZING!!!! It is so fun you could seriously sit for HOURS ON END playing this Game!!!!! ❤️💙💛💜💚

Arboreal habitat

I purchased this , and now it's like I did nothing ????? Wants Mr to purchase again???? No thanks

I really like it but...

I’ve been playing this game for months and have really enjoyed it. Recently, however, I’ve noticed that some of the tasks/challenges require items that I cannot make. For example, a little while ago the Island Event required making massage oil. Since I’m only in level 24 I haven’t unlocked that item, and therefore could not participate. The other frustrating thing that has recently begun is in the Resort Tournament. The last few tournaments (this week’s included) I’m being pitted against persons who are 10 to 20 levels ahead of me, which mean they have access to items that are worth more craft points as well as have more machines. I’ve had to spend gems to try and get better boosts. And even with near constant playing each day I barely earned enough points to prevent my resort from being demoted. Finally, the need for sand dollars has been annoying. I’ve completed tasks but have only been earning bronze sand dollars, yet to attract some of the animals needed to complete the Wildlife Missions you need either silver or gold. I don’t think I should have to spend my own money to get these sand dollars just to complete the missions. That said, I do still enjoy playing the game. I suggest making some changes so those of us at the levels aren’t prevented from moving forward.

Updates foul up game

Every time you have to update the game it won’t update or let you in. Why do I waste my valuable time with this frustration? Because the stupid game is addicting. I hate those updates.


I used to enjoy the game at first, and then the updates came. I get locked out and have wasted several boost while 8n lock out. I have spent to much time and money, and won’t in the future.🤬 doesn’t even deserve one star.

Current update

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Why doesn’t this update load?


Why is it you are made to upgrade with no choice and I have to give my credit card numbers not good

Good but

I had it for a week or so and it was fun but it started taking diamonds away from me glitched and when I was about to update it it updated 3times and kept starting over again and again so I downloaded the app Paradise Bay it works great compared to this 😩😩😩


Really enjoy this game! 😊

FarmVille developers create another winner !

A fun, interactive game with great graphics and social clubs etc.. Do have some loading issues.. not so fun to log in and see “ “you have been removed from your club” for example. Would like to comment on the island. After expansions are made and all the “jungle “ growth is removed, the island is very bare and unattractive. Why aren’t there trees and bushes made for purchase to make it more attractive? That would be ideal. Thank you for listening!

My escape

Didn’t get the game at first, I do now and it’s fun! My escape from every day life!


It doesn't allow me to update and it doesn't allow me too delete stresfull !!!

Need to stop cheaters in tournaments

This was my favorite game of all time until cheaters took over the weekly tournaments, using game hacks and manipulating the time clocks on their phones to rack up points that are mathematically impossible to win fairly. With no way to stop or block them, it renders the game a no-win. Reporting them leads nowhere and you can’t request not to be placed in tournaments that exclude players from the countries most responsible for the cheating. Don’t invest your money in this game.

Coins don’t cut it.

Love the game and have played for almost 2 years now. Zinga said I missed 2 daily’s when I didn’t one at 190 days and one at 230 days. 5000 coins was a poor attempt to pay me back on the missed daily’s

Addictive app with responsive support

This app is really addictive, so steer clear if you're the one who has That said Zynga has been phenomenal with its support (plenty of forums to research out issues and player support staff with timely response) the couple of times that I've had questions. The game also has open chat with others in your "group". There is not even a real need to sign into Facebook, I've continually played as a guest, with out encountering any problems.

Also frustrated

They gave me an invitation code. That is either “invalid or non existent “ I tried their suggestions. I either have to force close the game and lose all of my progress or I cannot get beach buddies to help me. I played a lot not so much anymore. They asked if their help was ok I replied no. The last I heard from them.

Adorable! Amazing graphics and game.

So far no complains .. i like this game very much!

Pretty good game

Like others I agree that this is a fun game but it has way too many glitches! Like others, my game doesn’t let me visit my island friends stating I need the newest version, yet when I go to update, there is NO update to be had. It would be great if the glitches that many keep complaining about would be fixed. That would then have allowed a better star rating!

Horrible game

This game is a joke. All Zynga games are glitchy but this one takes the cake.

Love it but too many problems

I have read some of comments about this game being to pricey and I agree I finally saved up to get my treats machine but now I am down coins again I really like to buy the sky cliffs but 240,000 coins it’s impossible to buy . I just read the update and now they made the cruise ship hard like the torment I hate that. And finally I can’t get my phone and my iPad synced to where I need to be and it messes me up. I hope something changes soon or I will be done also

Come ooonnnn

I love this game. Looove it. Our club waits for the cruise. Only 15 MINUES. ok, come back in 15 and now it says the cruise will be back in 14 DAYS. Come on zynga!! Help us out here.

Game needs work !!

Used to love this game ! But with the crops disappearing and the trees glitching constantly and issue that seems to never get resolved , pretty dang frustrating!!

Changed to 5 stars.

As promised I changed my rating of this game when you got the bugs fixed. Thank you. Game is fun and family friendly.

What’s up with the update

I can’t get passed the loading screen and it’s been like that the last two days. Says it’s being fixed. Am I losing my progress?. When is this going to be fixed?

Great game but...

With the latest update, the game won’t load anymore.

At a Level 31 and lost it all

With all of the updates you don’t get the option to bypass them and when you update it freezes. For days. You can’t get back into the game. I had to uninstall and still am locked out but not before I saw that all the months of working and playing this game that I so much enjoyed was lost.

Bad update

Used to love this game, but after the last update (March 2018) it won’t even load. Need a fix.


That stupid pop up that says press continue to sign in has no continue to press, I can’t play the game if I can’t press continue and sign in! Thinking of just not playing the game anymore, to many glitches for me!

Great game but...

It is a great game, but is has a HUMONGOUS glitch. After the new update, it won’t let me back into the game. Super sad. Please fix soon. Otherwise I will have to delete. 😭

Update causes game crash

Updated the app and now it won't open. Gets stuck on the opening screen after telling me "Initializing 100%". Help!

Not cool.

I've noticed twice that as I fill orders for the cruise ship, my points that I have been given have decreased! I click to look at my progress and my point go down right in front of me! Not cool.

Addicting but new update

This game I played almost all day it’s very addicting but now that the new update is out, it doesn’t even load or anything I can’t play it at all loads to 100% then freezes. Tried restarting my phone and that didn’t work I would love to start playing again.

Update is glitchy

Ever since doing the mandatory update yesterday, I can’t even open the app anymore. It just freezes at 100% loading. Super annoying, not worth my time.

Newest update

My app won’t even complete initializing in order to run. I am disappointed because I have never had a problem with Tropic Escape.

Game Down

Right now the game will not load going on for two days now. A bit frustrating!


The game won’t open after the last update this month, after forcing me to update. I’ve even left the game open for over an hour....I would give 0 stars if possible. This game constantly has issues, not worth the download


I just recently updated my app and the game will no longer load fully to even be played. Needs to be fixed I like playing my game

Won’t open after update

Updated today, and now it freezes at “initializing”. Please fix! I love this game.

Updates do not work

Game is fun. Updates will not work. Forced update does not work. Help center does not help. 3days trying to update, now will not load past initializing

Update locks me out again

Just updated three days ago and again I can’t play. This happens often. I’ve deleted it from my iPad twice to no avail. Fun to play when I can but always with a glitch or two.

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