FarmVille: Tropic Escape Відгуки


I already pay a lot of money to achieve the category I have in this game. If I lose level because I do not have money to spend in the game this week, it would be a great lesson and a great motivation to not spend more money on nonsense, or play with you because you do not respect my money. They should not take from the people something for which I already pay.

Facing Problem

Please the game is stopping suddenly and sometimes it log out of Facebook and return to the beginning of level or some times to previous level, according to last game saving The bad thing during competition i lose all my score Please help to fixes the problems

Reason for the 1 star

This game is great!! “BUTTTTTTTT,” my issue(s,) are costly diamonds which ARE VERY EXPENSIVE (I’m not wasting my $$$, ridiculous) compared to other games!! REALLY???? Now all you see when you go to buy items for the quests are ORCHIDS, “A VERY BIG TURN-OFF!” Just let us plant sunflower seeds vs having them come out with the ORCHIDS, pretty lame on the developers part 🙄🙄🙄🙄 (not try’n to be rude.) you know what? When these issues and others are “fixed” maybe I’ll be back. I.E. impossible to level up quick, takes forever to get the resources to produce items “clay, shells, sand etc!” Why can’t additional trees be bought for coins vs diamonds & sand dollars? FORGET IT I’M DONE WITH THIS GAME!!! SUCH A RIP OFF IN SO MANY AREAS!!!

Game will not update my app what should I do

Can't add facebook friend

Horrible my advanced game was deletedI am so upset

Stop stealing my Gems. Went to bed with 13 Gems and this morning they are gone. Horrible practice on your part

Fun and addictive

Love the weekly challenge's, always something new. Glitches. Can't visit club friends all too consistently. Club chat shuts down for hours. Need the ability to have more friend's More visiting time's would be great

Love this game!

As an active member and devoted gamer I love this VILLE THE MOST! It’s up to date and events every week! Seeing people compete! Your club is always willing to help you out to complete goals! Would love to receive more sunshine and keys more often. But other than that this game is addicting! Thank you!

Inappropriate ads

There are inappropriate apps promoted to gain rewards. This game is rated for ages 4+ and the first video that pops up for a spin is an interactive app that features two characters in bed. The male character asks his girlfriend who caught them whether she wants to join them?!

Do not get play this game

I have played this game for well over a year... apparently there is a new mod that will allow you to get unlimited gems... great for people that cheat.. but for people who played and paid for gems not very fair... unable to even try to compete in tournaments or any other events... terrible game now


Been playing for 2 months. Now app is glitchy. Things crafted just disappear and do not count in challenges like the helicopter. Tech support blames iOS or lack of update and neither is the issue.

Glitches Galore

So many glitches with crops disappearing. Why won’t they fix these? After playing this game for months, Zynga has NOT fixed any of the glitches,!!!!!!

Fun but issues

Fun game!! But there are issues! Can't advance in points or levels because the cruise ship does not work correctly, conversation freezes often, and can't buy items and can never win the jackpot. I am on the game multiple times a day and some how have yet to win the Zemi monthly prize!! Do not Spend your actual money on this game......what a scam.


If u could mark an item to be sold to club only that would b great. Also you should b able to change ur profile photo thru the game AND Facebook bcuz u don’t have Facebook and I wanna change my profile. If these things r fixed it will b 5 stars!!!!

Awesome game

Best farming game i have had ever excellent experience

Locks out now

You can only play if you give up your legal rights now.

Great game, lots of bugs!

I am addicted to this game but when I updated last week, I can’t access my beach Club chat or the trade boat and cruise ship, please fix this soon. I’m having withdrawals.

Great game but...

It is a great game, but is has a HUMONGOUS glitch. After the new update, it won’t let me back into the game. Super sad. Please fix soon. Otherwise I will have to delete. 😭 Update: it works again! Thank you for haveing events from time to time, it makes it worthwhile! Reallu fun.

Not user friendly

It’s hard to know your next step. If it’s asking for money to continue the process didn’t let me get far enough to want to pay and play so I am actually getting ready to dump it entirely.

Use to love it

The game was great up until I got a new phone and now my history and purchases will not load. It started me all the way over and I’m very disappointed in this. I did everything they said to restore and it still does not work

Fun game

Pretty addicting lol but it’s a fun kill time game!!!!


It’s addicting


You are a great crud

Tropical escape

I love this game it's so addicting

Zemi fire constantly reset back to day 1

I spend to much of my time dealing with this issues I finally reach day 18 and now the Zemi is missing and no reward. I have made sure I collect as soon as the prize present itself. I guess it’s time to try other games this is to frustrating.

Fun game

Fun game what bothers me are the glitches like when you come every day but your Zumi gifts keeps saying you missed a day ! Or how about when you buy gems and they disappear! Or when I rent the mermaid I get cheated out my time every time I use her .

Frustrated and tired

Dear Zynga, FarmVille Tropic is a fun and entertaining game! But I am tired of buying silver sand dollars for sloth, crab, iguana and you never get what you need at that time! What’s up with that? Silver dollars are extremely hard to get unless you purchase them. This last cruise ship event, that last 5 days and needed over 389,000 points to finish is a joke! Zynga, I will know longer be your main contributor towards your kids college fund. That means, no longer will I spend another dollar on this game. You’re greedy and taking advantage of your players! At least give us a week of some free stuff, like, sunshine’s, gem, etc. GET IT TOGETHER

Fun BUT...Glitches cause stress/frustration!!!

Glitches happen WAY too often. I love the graphics & have fun playing, but it is SO frustrating to regularly deal with in game glitches. For example, I am a great player who was at a Ruby I level on a tablet that recently died. I had to start all over again from beginning on a new phone (switched from Android to Apple). I have won every Island Challenge, but then have to wait for the events to end to receive rewards. Often when I sign back in to play and the event has ended, my accrued items (anchors, etc...) have been deleted...NOT added to my boathouse or silo stashes. SO maddening! I have been WAITING to progress by enlarging storage in my boathouse, but because the game keeps “glitching” OR taking away my earned treasures (maybe because I won’t spend $ on the game) I can’t progress as I should be able to. So it forces me to be stuck at lower levels. Curious if I were willing to spend $ within game, if these “glitches” would suddenly clear up!!! 🤔


Awesome game have played it off and on for a while now and can’t wait to see what they start adding to the game but I wish there was a way to get boosts easier but that’s not to big of a deal for you when u first get the game so get the game it is AWESOME

Tropical Paradise

I totally love this game. I play it when I have down time or when I am watching TV to Kill time when commercials are on. Relaxing

Please fix

I just updated and now the game keeps blinking on and off please advise how to fix it

Same reviews, no new ones.

No good prices, takes forever to finish something, the prices in the chests are not worth it, the cruise they ask too much to finish 🙄🙄😡😡😡😡 I have spent real money on this, not worth it. The factories are too expensive ! Need to improve this game , I’m thinking in stopping playing . Besides I know you are not going to publish this.🙄🙄🙄😩😩😩

Getting bored

I enjoy the game for the most part, but it is getting boring. All you seem to do now is make and sell. Now when I level up there is nothing new. The monkey house and the falls say they’re coming soon, but that’s been over year now. When playing an event, it is never for a permanent helping hand it’s always temporary. The game often has glitches. At times you’re not able to visit other peoples beaches to help, it says nobody’s home even though you are chatting with them. That’s just one of the problems. When sending an issue to Zynga you get the same canned letter every time, very rarely do get a response back. If you do they usually are telling you to do what you have already done to correct the problem. Then they will send you a survey to rate their service. The weekly tournaments are a joke. There are so many cheaters it’s impossible to win. People have been reported and yet nothing seems to happen and the cheating continues. I find this very discouraging. Not sure how long I’m going to continue with the game. I do have friends in my co-op that I like to chat with but I can find other ways to do that.

Frozen screen

Once I got to level 9 my game started to freeze I’ve exited the game and uninstalled it updated my phone reinstalled multiple times but it just goes back to a frozen screen where no menus pop up and I can’t touch anything

Great game

This is a fun game, but I only gave it 3 stars because the in app purchases are priced way too high.

Love the game

Game is a lot of fun to play. But, it is hard to level up. When there is a special event it is way to difficult to make or get special ingredients. Also need much more sunshine.

Game is full of glitches and frustrating

First of all, this game is full of glitches. The customer service people never respond to complaints or emails. If I sell boosts, I am never credited for the coins. I have complained about this many many times with no response. Now the rewards for winning a tournament are not fair. If you placed first I would assume he would get better boosts. This time I won, and only got all common repetitive boosts and not one timer. When completing tasks and using gems to complete them their rewards are the same, the crappy common boosts which I cannot even sell back, because I don’t get credit for the coins. At some point this game is a waste of time and frustrating. The customer service people have no respect or willingness to help the players. All I get is generic answers and never solutions


I paid for Shelly the mermaid to find silver ore. In the middle of her search she left and I didn’t get my ore! I need someone to fix this!

Frustrating Glitches

I was on level 37 with over 400 on my streak, then all of a sudden it would not load, I deleted the app, downloaded it again, took me back to the beginning. So I lost everything, but now I’m on level 8, and every time I stop playing and go it takes me back to the beginning of the level to redo what I’ve already finished. I’m about done. So annoyed.

This Game Is Addictive

You can't stop playing it when you start

Hope you would hear

Notification always popping up telling i was removed from club it is annoying. Im beggining to feel disappointed

Frustrated also

I played FarmVille for a long time This game I can’t event harvest a crop Maybe phone version But totally frustrated

Cruise guests

Would you please do away with the Cruise ship incentive. I waste time creating special items only for Cruise guests, the ship leaves and I get zero points when I’ve checked off all of their requests

Frozen Game

Game has been frozen for days 😢

Great game overall

I play this game everyday, have for a year or so. I like the new daily prize thing, but I think it should renew daily at 5pm and you have 24 hours to get the prize. That’s the only way to make it really fair for all players.

My rate is that because

Amazing cause of quality and great music and app


I used to love this game, but what happened? My husband and I played this game together. We created our own coop and helped each other selling needed items to one another. Then we went on a trip crossing multiple time zones. When we returned my husband suddenly could not access coop or boosts. When we contacted zynga we were told that we had been cheating by manipulating the clock setting! What? We explained we had traveled across time zones thus creating Automatic clock changes and we were ignored. Now we can no longer play together! What is going on? Are we being punished?

Tropic escape

I like the game but you never get the bonus items on the prize wheel. Also the higher you get in a contest the harder it gets to complete


Call it a glitch if you like,I say the game cheats like hell! I’ll never spend money on a game that cheats when I’m in free Mode!!!

Too many cheaters!

Playing these tournaments where you make things to get points. In the last 20 minutes, how could a player make over 140,000 points!!??!! Not playing another tournament if others can manipulate this game that badly!! Not the first time that this has happened either!!!

Great Game!

I love this game, it’s just so addicting 😂

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